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Helping you design your dream home.

One of the first things any home owner does when beginning to plan their home extension, loft conversion or new build, is to call in an architect. It is often only when the design is already done that the architect mentions that there is one more little thing to consider...

... the building needs to stand up!

This is where I come in, taking the architectural design and providing calculations and drawings for the structural elements required.

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Free to imagine

I invite you to consider how amazing, unique, and spellbinding your project could be if you had a designer who started with these questions:

  • Can we make this look like it's floating?

  • What if we cantilever the roof?

  • You want to build out into your garden, but have you also considered going up into the roof or down into the ground?

  • ...or adding another storey!

  • How about a tree house?

  • Split levels and a hay loft or mezzanine?

  • What if we remove nearly all the walls?

  • Can we save time and introduce unique features if we go for: Off-site, timber frame, steel frame, traditional oak, SIPS, insulated concrete formwork?

It is precisely because Robin asks these questions that hidden gems can be uncovered. If you don't get outside of your box and dig, you won't find hidden treasure!

Some of my past projects

From Grade II listed buildings at historic private schools to cutting edge multi-million £ research facilities, I've almost done it all! Take a look at some of my past projects here.

Research and teaching facility for Leeds Metropolitan University

The Henry Bragg Centre in Leeds is a state of the art 5-storey pre-cast concrete building filled with labs, research and teaching rooms. I was the lead structural engineer for the pre-cast superstructure and reinforced concrete basement.

Fire and rescue HQ

For the Buxton Fire and Rescue Headquarters I designed the steel frame structure including multi-storey sleeping quarters and recreation rooms!

Repton School

The Pears Hall, Grade II Listed

The Pears Hall at the prestigious Repton School is the closest thing to a real world Hogwarts banqueting hall! Working with Franklin Ellis Architects I designed the structure for a new tiered seating balcony.